Jonathan Solomon

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Hi everyone! Im Jon Solomon, illustrator from jacksonville, Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Multimedia from the University of North Florida. Illustration has been my thing for as long as I can remember. Today, as I ponder a proper introduction, I’ve come to realize some things about me. I love traveling and especially to mountainous areas. I love dogs and have a beautiful english mastiff. I love gaming…alone (not much for multiplayer). I love weight lifting and have bench pressed over 300 lbs on multiple occasions. Saving the best for last, I love my wife who is a traveling nurse and provides a way for us to travel across the US and live our dream!

When it comes to illustration I have some loves too. I love digital art. There’s something to be said about perfecting a digital art piece in ways traditional work doesn’t provide. On the other hand I love traditional art. I started like many artist, as a kid drawing with pencils and crayons and so I’ll always have a place in my heart for that type of work. In my early days of college I found that I love painting in oil and acrylics. Recently I’ve grown to love water color as well! I can do all kinds of styles and mediums across a range of formats and softwares. I also have a love for animation and have animated in Autodesk maya and After Effects.

I know I’ve left out some things about me, because lets be honest, I can only say so much good about myself before I get sick. So have a great day and reach out if you feel moved to do so! I look forward to meeting you soon!

Check out all of my illustrations here.

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