I’m Jon Solomon, Illustrator and
lover of all things illustration.

About Me

Illustrator for life with a BFA in Graphic Design & Digital Media from the University of North Florida.


Inquiries are welcome! Illustration is my thing. Allow me to use my thing to make your thing an amazing thing!


Follow me on instagram at Solomondesigns and facebook at Solomongraphics or email me at Jonsolomondesigns@gmail.com


About the Illustrator

Hi everyone! Im Jon Solomon, illustrator from jacksonville, Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Multimedia from the University of North Florida. Illustration has been my thing for as long as I can remember. Today, as I ponder a proper introduction, I’ve come to realize some things about me. I love traveling and especially to mountainous areas. I love dogs and have a beautiful english mastiff. I love gaming…alone (not much for multiplayer). I love weight lifting and have bench pressed over 300 lbs on multiple occasions. Saving the best for last, I love my wife who is a traveling nurse and provides a way for us to travel across the US and live our dream!

Whats there to say? I illustrate any and everything! The sky is the limit and with imagination, anything is possible. Also aim for the moon because if you miss, you may hit a star..but seriously check out my work!

Image of me, Jonathan Solomon.


Check out my blog and learn about topics having to do with illustration and other art forms. These post will discuss styles, medium, motivation and more!